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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

Kawaljit Kaur Sandhu - Sikhs The Supreme

BBy winning a gold medal for her country in 400 meter race in 1970 at the 6th Asian Games held at Bangkok, she earned the distinction of being the First Indian woman Athlete to win a Gold Medal in any international competition and set new highs for Indian women in athletics arena. She breasted the tape in 57.3 seconds. In the process, she took Japan Nobuko Kawano and Israel's Avlin Balars right and left respectively. Thus 1970 Asiad turned milestone in the history of Indian athletics. At that time Kawaljit Kaur was only of 21 years and Cantre of Attention at the 1970 Bangkok Games was Kamaljit Sandhu when she recorded sens/ational win in the 40 Meteres to set a new high for Indian women in the athletics arena. In the process she took Japan Nobuko Kawanoand Isreal’s Avlin Belass right the left. The Mighty Sikhs / 136 was a college student at Chandigarh.

For her superb feat she was awarded PADMASHREE by Govt. of India. She had another feather in her cap of being the national record holder in 200 meter and 400 meter race for 10 years.

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