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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

Justice Kuldip Singh - Sikhs The Supreme

Born in 1932, in Jhelum District of Pakistan, a retired Judge of Supreme Court of India, Justice Kuldip Singh, popularly known as "GREEN JUDGE OF INDIA", for pioneering green revolution in the country's courts, was felicitated by the International Bar Association for his outstanding contribution in the field of urban environment, ecology and human rights, in an evening ceremony titled "THE INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION SALUTES JUSTICE KULDIP SINGH" in 1997. He is the FIRST Asian and SECOND in the world after South African President, Mr. Nelson Mandela to be honoured by the Association. His honour by the lBA is a great pride for the nation and honour for the judiciary of India.

The IBA president, Mr. Desmond Fernando, who presented the plaque of honour to Justice Singh said, "we hope other judges will take Justice Singh's example and give such judgements". Speaking on the occasion Justice Singh said, "It is the duty of the court to enforce the law, particularly when executive and legislature are not functioning in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and there is rampant corruption in the society.” A barrister from Lincoln's Inn, with a master's degree in Law from London University, Justice Kuldip Singh's appointment to the Bench, after a short stint as Additional The Mighty Sikhs / 163 Solicitor General, was a rare honour. After working as Advocate General of Punjab from May to August 1987, he was appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India and on Dec. 14, 1988, he joined the Supreme Court.

He retired from the Supreme Court on December 31,1996. Justice Singh has given a new direction to the concept of justice and displayed tremendous commitment to the cause of urban environment and ecology. He has also contributed a lot in the field of public interest litigation. He actually gave teeth to PIL and wanted that PIL should be encouraged. His judgements on handcuffing, telephone tapping, uniform civil code, capitation fee, child labour and cleansing the country's environment infused a new blood to the law. He was honoured with the "ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR" award in 1997 at a function held in New Delhi. In fact if one were to think of the most significant judgements in judicial history of the country from bringing doctors within the ambit of Consumer Protection Act to set up sewage treatment plants and to clean up river Yamuna, all had the stamp of Justice Kuldip Singh. Historic judgement to protect the Taj Mahal came on the day he retired. Saviour of the Taj Mahal and known for judicial activism and his innovative ways, he was appointed Chairman of the Delimitation Commission in August 2002 and entrusted a job of readjustment of the territorial constituencies for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. A distinguished jurist, Justice Kuldip Singh is a superman of Indian Judiciary with an extra-ordinary vision.

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