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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

S. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (1718-1783) - Sikhs The Supreme

The king of Afghanistan, Persia, parts of central Asia and a great conqueror of his time Ahmed Shah Abdali (who styled himself (DURRANI) destroyed the Marathas as an all India power in the historic battle of Panipat, fought on Jan. 14, 176l. When he was returning to Afghanistan as victorious he was carrying about 2200 young Hindu women as war booty to be sold in the bazaars of Ghazni. None of the maharajas or Rajputs came forward to save the honour of these helpless women. The Sikh chiefs under the leadership of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia attacked Abdali near Goindwal and freed all of them and made arrangements to take them to their homes.

Henceforth, he was called "BANDT CHHOR" (the Liberator) by the Hindus. He was born in 1718 at ViII. Ahlu or Ahluwal near Lahore, established by his ancestor, Sada Singh. He studied Sikh scriptures under Bhai Mani Singh and was trained under supervision of Nawab Kapur Singh.

A great leader and organiser, a brave fighter and a great general and right hand of Nawab Kapur Singh, who nominated him Jathedar (Chief) of Dal Khalsa in 1748, S. Jassa Singh gave marvellous lead to Sikh nation from 1748 to 1783 against Mughal governors of Punjab viz. Zakria Khan, Yahiya Khan and Mir Manu etc. He conquered Amritsar in 1747, Multan in 1749, Jalandhar, Khwaspur and Fatehabad in 1753, Ambala and parts of Haryana and Rajasthan in 1754, Lahore in 1761, Malerkotla in 1763, Sirhind and Amritsar for the second time in 1764, Kapurthala in 1774 and Delhi in 1783. He was honoured with the title of "Sultan-ul-Qaum (Emperor of the Sikh nation) in 1761 after the victory of Lahore.

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