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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

Jamadar Nand Singh - Sikhs The Supreme

"The valour, leadership and devotion to duty shown by Jamadar Nand Singh the great son of India, cannot be expressed in words and even more difficult to equate anyone with him. It is not a thing of speaking and hearing but of seeing. Those who saw him in action would wish to follow his firm determination and heroism and those who will listen about his heroic deeds will remember him forever. He was an inspiration for his battalion and he is remembered till date."

This is the sort of appreciation of highest order recorded in the service book of Jamadar Nand Singh, a handsome, brave and obedient soldier who has the distinction of being the highest decorated and celebrated soldier of commonwealth countries. He was awarded Victoria Cross, the highest bravery award of British Empire, on 12th March, 1944 for his chivalry and courage shown in the hills of Arakan, during Burma campaign in the World War II. Inspite of being badly injured six times by bullets and hand grenades, he alone himself killed seven enemy soldiers and captured three trenches one by one. All his company's soldiers were either killed or injured but no power on earth could stop him and he emerged as the bravest person on the earth.

After independence again he stood as rock in the way of enemy on 12 Dec.1947 in Jammu and Kashmir to save the motherland. Around 6000 Pakistani raiders infilterated into the Uri sector posing a great threat to Indian garrisons and road leading to Srinagar and Poonch. A platoon of 'D' company led by Jamadar Nand Singh attacked the enemy. Jamadar, who belonged to village Bahadurpur Distt. Mansa, with his small detachment charged this large group of Pakistani tribesmen. He captured number of bunkers and his daring assault saved the battalion.

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