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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

Gyani Ditt Singh- Sikhs The Supreme

During the period of Sikh rule the population of Sikhs rose to more than ten million. But in 1881 census it declind to 1.9 million. It was an alarming downfall. On the one side it were Christians with political might on their back and on the other side it was Arya Samaj; both seemed at that time to be in competition as who would be the first to absorb the Sikhs. At this crucial time Gyani Ditt Singh emerged on the scene. Born in 1853 in Patiala state in a Ravidasi caste, he was a sharp minded and brilliant scholar.

He was one of the founders of Singh Sabha, Lahore (1879) which was later converted to Sikh Diwan to counter the propaganda of Swami Dayanand and Christians. Irritated by the criticism of Sikhism and Sikh Gurus by Swami Dayanand, Gyani Ji dared Swamiji and in 1877 he overcome him in three discussions on different dates in Lahore on different subjects. The subject of the first discussion was as to who was the creator of the world? The subject of the 2nd discussion was – Are Vedas the creation of God? The subject of the 3rd discussion was "SALVATION".

Gyani ji also started a Punjabi Newspaper to create awareness in Sikh masses regarding the prevailing threats. He had been Prof. of Punjabi Dept. in Lahore University and it was due to the unbeatable efforts by Gyani Ditt Singh and Prof. Gurmukh Singh that the Khalsa College Amritsar came into existence. Gyani ji received, for his unique contribution for Sikh cause and for his brilliance, many laurels such as ml`zaul aulm~ v` P`zulul Pzl` in 1877, mh~ mho aup`Dw`ie in 1877 and in the same year C.I.E. from the Govt. His two masterpiece literary works are "myr` Eor s`DU dw` nMd k` sMv`dî and “dMB ivd`rnî, an analysis of ‘ Satyarth Prakash’, the Bible of Arya Samaj written by Swami Dayanand.

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