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ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ

Director General C.S. Vohra - Sikhs The Supreme

Born in Mirpur (J & K) C.S. Vohra has the rare distinction of being the FIRST and the LAST who not only climbed the summit of Mount Everest but also landed on Antarctica. He was a member of 15-member FIRST successful Indian expedition to Mount Everest in May 1965 whose 6 members including its leaders (M.S. Kohli) were Sikhs. Mr. Vohra was one of the 9 members (3 Sikhs including Mr. Vohra) who actually scaled the peak. Mr. Vohra set his foot on Everest on May 24, 1965 and became the FIRST Indian mountaineering atop Mt. Everest.

Again in 1981-82, he was the LEADER of the landing group of FIRST Indian expedition to Antarctica. The repetition of the sort by anyone in future seems to be a difficult one.

For these superb achievements, he was decorated with The Mighty Sikhs / 147 PADMASHREE, ARJUNA award, SPECIAL award on 50th anniversary of India's Independence and National Mineral Award.He retired as Director General, Geological Survey of India. He is the ONLY personnel too from Geological Survey of India to have conquered the peak.

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